Dhan Kesari Lottery History

The lottery is an ancient game, firstly played to raise funds for the “Great Wall of China”. This was the initiative of the Chinese Government. The lottery era started from here and is still working under different Governments and Rules. Most Governments uplift the lottery system to the legislative level and legalize it under their supervision.

The Lottery profit is made from tickets and they give half or more than half of their profit to the customers as Prizes. The remaining profit is used by the Government the administration of the lottery.

Every lottery has its format to give the prize to the lottery winner. In most of the lotteries, the prize amount is fixed and in the other ones the prize amount is not fixed, it depends on the selling ratio of the tickets and the administration takes the profit out of it and gives half of the amount that is collected from the tickets to the winner.

Fix prize lotteries are more famous than the other ones. When the customer sees the prize amount in fixed prizes lotteries, he intends towards them and purchases more tickets. On the other hand, customers don’t trust the fifty-fifty system of the Prize, so they ignore it and choose the Fixed Prizes lottery.

Dhan” means “Money” and “Kesari” means “King” so Dhankesari’s meaning is “Money of King”. This is a Popular and Cheapest Lottery in India. It has cheap rates for lottery tickets and the highest Prizes. Prizes are in different categories, First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth. Due to the highest and largest number of prizes, its popularity is increasing daily. 

When the popularity increases, the business of the lottery also increases. When the business increases, they make a lot of profit from it. Its ticket price is only ₹ 6 Rupees with a prize of ₹ 1, 00,00,000. Dhan Kesari Lottery also gives prizes to the vendor or the state agent who is selling the ticket. When the result is announced, prizes are given to the lucky number winner, and also give the prize to the state agent or the vendor who sells this ticket. Due to this process, most of the agents of other lotteries get the license of this lottery and earn more than before.

This lottery started its work in Nagaland State in 1992 and now changing the lives of thousands of people to meet their needs. It is expanding its network to other states of India to grow its business. Due to this, its revenue generation capacity is increasing daily. This lottery started its prize with Thousands of Rupees and now they are offering their First Prize in ₹ 10 Million. This big Prize amount is the main reason for the popularity of this lottery. Because the big prize amount can change the whole life of a lottery winner.

Features of Dhankesari Lottery

This lottery has the main feature of its First Prize amount which is ₹ 1, 00,00,000 and in the future, this amount can increase. This is the Beauty of this lottery.

This lottery has daily Three draws. So this lottery is making 3 people millionaires daily with the cost of only ₹ 6. If you cannot win the morning draw, you can win the other draw. There is no limit to purchasing the tickets. You can purchase the tickets according to your budget. Everyone who is living in the Indian State of Nagaland can participate in the draw. People who are older than 18 years can easily purchase lottery tickets. If you are living outside of India you can also participate in the lottery, you just have to buy lottery tickets online.

From every corner of the World, you can purchase their lottery tickets and win the lottery prize. If you win the prize of the lottery, you can claim it online and offline. You just have to provide your information and lottery ticket number to claim the reward. There is a minor Tax amount that charged by the Government to claim your reward. 

Dhankesari Lottery Features

If you are the winner of the first draw, then you can participate in the other draw that is to be held. There is no restriction on participation in the different draws of this lottery.

When you win the draw, they will publish your provided picture in the results of the other draw. When your friends or family members see you that you win the lottery they become very happy and also they try their luck in the upcoming draws.

Till now this lottery created more than 2000 millionaires and this amount is increasing daily.

There is a bumper Prize of ₹ 25000000 every week. You can only win with a ticket of ₹ 500. 

Evolution of Lottery in India

Many private lotteries were working in India before 1967 but after the complete ban on private lotteries this system was totally taken up by the Government and now only the Government can run a lottery in India. After the ban of 1967, the Indian Government legalized the lottery. The first lottery was started by the Kerala State Government and then the other states allowed it by the legitimation and laws. Now there are 13 States in India where the lottery is legal by the Government. The Government chooses the highest populated states that have the highest ratio of poverty and starts the lottery here to elevate the people by playing the lottery game. The ticket price kept very low so that even poor people could easily buy it.

Lottery in India Evolution

Moreover, prizes set to the highest so a lot of people buy the tickets to win prizes. When the people win the prizes and it changes the life of the winner then the lottery becomes more popular in the Indian States. Now the lottery is a famous game in India. The government is generating profits from the lottery system and fulfilling its needs. They are using this money for people’s interests and to make their life easy to easier.

After, the Kerala State, 

  • West Bengal State also started the lottery game in 1967 and now making ₹ 1250 Crores annually profit.
  • Assam started the lottery system in 1972 and now generating a profit of ₹ 1000 Crores annually.
  • Punjab legalized the lottery game in 1976 and now making a revenue of ₹ 900 Crores yearly.
  • Goa allowed the lottery game in 1977 and now generating an income of ₹ 800 Crores every year.
  • Maharashtra validated the lottery game in 1979 and now earning an amount of ₹ 700 Crores per annum.
  • Madhya Pradesh legitimized the lottery game in 1980 and now taking ₹ 600 Crores in Profits per year.
  • Nagaland regularized the lottery game in 1987 and now making a profit of ₹ 500 Crores every year.
  • Sikkim approved the lottery game in 1995 and now making a profit of ₹ 400 Crores each year.
  • Manipur established the lottery game in 1998 and now making an income of ₹ 300 Crores annually.
  • Mizoram arrived in the lottery game in 1998 and now taking a per year profit of ₹ 200 Crores.
  • Arunachal Pradesh set up the lottery game in 2001 and now making a profit of ₹ 100 Crores in a year.

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