Dhankesari Lottery Bumper Prize May 2024

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Draws in Dhankesari Lottery

Bumper Prize Lottery 

Dhankesari Bumper Lottery May 2024

How to Check Bumper Lottery Result

Scams in Bumper Lottery

FAQs about Dhankesary Bumper Lottery


Lotteries widely played in all the states of India that allow and legalise it. In 1998, the central Government of India introduced the Lotteries Regulation Act. The Government provided rules and regulations for conducting, organising and promoting lotteries throughout the country. Out of all the states, only 13 have allowed and legalised lotteries under strict rules and regulations.

Dhankesari Lottery is one of the most famous lotteries in India. It appreciated and played by a large population. The rise in popularity of the lottery is due to its impact on thousands of people’s lives. It has drastically changed the lives of many people for good. It has helped them instantly get rid of their debts which they otherwise might have spent their whole life paying.  

Draws in Dhankesari Lottery

Nagaland state conducts Daily and monthly or fortnightly lottery draws for Dhankesari lottery. Daily draws conducted thrice a day. They called Dear Morning, Dear Day and Dear Evening for 1 Pm, 6 pm and 8 pm respectively. The monthly draw called the Bumper prize and it conducted once or sometimes twice monthly. 

Bumper Prize Lottery

The Bumper prize is like a jackpot comprising of huge amount of money for the winner. The prize for 1st place is 2.5 Crores. Apart from this, there are five more prizes ranging from 2000 to 10 Lakhs. The second prize is 10 Lakhs, 3rd prize is 5 Lakhs, 4th prize is 9000, 5th prize is 5000 and 6th prize is 2000 Indian rupees. Nagaland State Government organizes and conducts the Bumper prizes every month.

The detail of the Prizes and the amount for each prize given below

Sr. No.Prize TierAmount for WinnerAmount for SellerAmount for Sub Stockist
11st2.5 Crores20 Lackhs5 Lakhs
22nd10 Lakhs10 Lakhs50,000
33rd5 Lakhs50,00020,000
The details of the Prizes in Bumper Lottery

Dhankesari Bumper Lottery May 2024

The Indian states of Nagaland and West Bengal have organised the Bumper lottery in May. The lottery played twice in this month. The first draw announced on the 11th of May, 2024 and the second draw will held on the 25th of May. An overwhelming response by people has observed about the Bumper prize lottery in Nagaland.  

The popularity of Bumper lottery has increased over time and an increasing population of India is trying their luck with each draw. The rules and regulations set by the State Government to ensure transparent play have made people put their trust in the process.  

How to Check Bumper Lottery Result

Bumper Lottery Results for Nagaland State Lotteries can checked on our website by checking the Bumper page. The result also uploaded on the official website of the lottery. You can also check 1:00 pm, 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm results every day on our website. Each result uploaded in detail and timely so that you can check the result as soon as it is out.   

Significance of Bumper Prize

The bumper prize is bigger than the regular prize. Although its ticket costlier compared to other lotteries, its prize amount is much higher. It has transformed the lives of many people and helped them rise from the depths of poverty. It has helped them improve their living standards and become financially stable. The winners have invested the money they won into different businesses and substantially improved their lifestyles. 

Scams in Bumper Lottery

Scams a part of gambling and lotteries but there many ways through which people get scammed. The chances of being scammed while playing the lottery are not too low.  A person without sufficient knowledge about the lottery may fall prey to scams. It is highly recommended to gain complete knowledge about the rules and regulations before planning to take part in the lottery. The more knowledgeable you are, the higher your chances of playing safely. 

A huge amount of money as the prize tempts people and makes the scammers plan and execute the whole process of fooling people. They claim to be from the Nagaland Directorate of State Lotteries and make people believe they have won some prize. They contact people and inform them about the fake news of their win in the lottery. In return, they ask for some advanced payment as in processing fee and disappear after receiving the money. 

FAQs about Dhankesari Bumper Lottery

What is Bumper Lottery?

Nagaland state Lottery conducts different types of lotteries and Bumper is one of them.

How to buy Bumper Lottery ticket?

All the Indian states that legalise lotteries have authorised personnel in different areas. 

Can I buy Bumper Lottery ticket online?

Yes, the tickets for most of the lotteries in India are available online for ease of people.

When Bumper prize result announced?

The result of Bumper prize announced every month and sometimes twice a month.  

How often has the Bumper Result declared?

The bumper result has announced twice in May 2024. The 1st draw on the 11th of May and the second will held on the 25th of May.  


The Nagaland State Government organizes bumper lottery once or twice a month. The 1st prize is 2.5 crores, which is much higher than the regular 1 crore. The lottery is played and appreciated throughout the state. The next draw of Dhankesari Bumper is going to be held on the 25th of May. It will be published on different platforms and you can check the result on our website as soon as it is announced. 

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